Hi all,
Just adding an update. We have been a little busy. One of our cows have had their first calf but unfortunately it died. It did seem to be deformed. Bit sad as it was our first calf.
Some good news is that we are expecting a baby due in March which is why we have been a little side tracked. Look forward to finishing work and getting back on the chat.

Welcome to the family


It was a long 15 and a half hour drive home but we made it. The cows travelled well. Thanks Jennie and Roy for the hospitality and for all the advice. It was only a quick trip but We learnt alot. Hopefully we can get back there one day. The cows are settled in to their new home and are beginning to trust us thanks to a bucket of feed. The heifer is definately the cheeky one!
Thanks again Jennie and Roy